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Happy Wheels

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Happy Wheels

Happy Wheels Happy Wheels is probably the most well-known and famous racing game of the decade with thousands of people all around the world playing it every day. The game is available for quiet a long time already and the trend of popularity is exploding every year. The main reason of such popularity is of course a big variety of characters and super awesome gameplay - the game is based on physics and provide really funny and realistic race simulation. In fact, Happy Wheels is a bit different racing game because here all the competitors have absolutely incredible vehicles - you can choose a wheelchair guy as your racer or you can even choose a segway guy along with many others. The vehicles of each character differ from each other by their speed, size and special abilities. For example while some vehicles are using a powerful turbo engine, others can fly or have other advantages. Another cause of the popularity is ability of creating your own levels through the Level Editor mode. Many people all around the world spend hours creating their own awesome levels and sharing with the community. You can also try creating your level or just browse the tracks uploaded by other users. Happy Wheels is a violent bloody racing game where your character can break his legs,arms and even head but the mission is simple - you have to arrive the finish line as fast as possible to set your own record. Browse more information about the game below.

What Are The Most Popular Characters of Happy Wheels?

- Segway Guy
- Betty
- Wheelchair Guy
- Billy and Bobby
- Lawnmower Larry
- Pogo Pete
- Santa Claus
- Helicopter Harry
- Motorcycle Mike and Motorcycle Mary
- Irresponsible Mom
- Indy

What Are The Controls Of Happy Wheels?

Arrow keys = Control
Space= Primary actions
Shift / Ctrl = Secondary actions
Z = Eject

Is Happy Wheels safe to play?

As you know, the Happy Wheels game has a lot of violence and bloody scenes so it is not safe for kids. The game is safe for 17+ persons.